Anglian water business plan 2015-20

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Southern Water delivery partners announced

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PR14 Update From Severn Trent Draft Determination Liv Garfield – CEO Mike McKeon – CFO Thames Severn Trent Anglian Yorkshire Southern Wessex UU (£) s 6. Severn Trent Water Business Plan – 20 Publisher: Severn Trent Web Hyperlink Key Publications.

Dec 20,  · Long Term Investment in Infrastructure Water Industry Forum 26 January Historical expenditure trends 2. Asset Management Development Timeline AMP6 /20 AMP5 /15 AMP4 /10 AMP3 /05 AMP2 /00 can achieve such an understanding through a coherent and convincing forward plan.

The importance of a successful. The proposal is part of a draft plan ahead of a formal consultation to adjust price controls for three of the 18 water companies in England and Wales starting from April for Anglian. Ofwat has published its long-awaited PR14 methodology and business planning statement setting out how it intends to set price limits for the period including guidance for companies on how.

South West Water has performed well in this second year of the K6 regulatory period (). South West Water is well placed to deliver outperformance of the business plan. South West Water faces a penalty of £ million, while Severn Trent and Anglian Water are both set to benefit from financial incentives for outperformance, Ofwat has announced in its latest update.

Anglian water business plan 2015-20
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